Orthogonal Convolutional Neural Networks

Jiayun Wang1      Yubei Chen1      Rudrasis Chakraborty1      Stella X. Yu1
CVPR 2020


The instability and feature redundancy in CNNs hinders further performance improvement. Using orthogonality as a regularizer has shown success in alleviating these issues. Previous works however only considered the kernel orthogonality in the convolution layers of CNNs, which is a necessary but not sufficient condition for orthogonal convolutions in general.

We propose orthogonal convolutions as regularizations in CNNs and benchmark its effect on various tasks. We observe up to 3% gain for CIFAR100 and up to 1% gain for ImageNet classification. Our experiments also demonstrate improved performance on image retrieval, inpainting and generation, which suggests orthogonal convolution improves the feature expressiveness. Empirically, we show that the uniform spectrum and reduced feature redundancy may account for the gain in performance and robustness under adversarial attacks.

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